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Had a Great “Learn With Google” Webinar – An Overview to Google Adwords Enhanced Campaigns

4:41 PM

Tuesday, 19th Feb 2013, I got an opportunity to attend a wonderful webinar at Google. The agenda of that webinar was to learn about the basics of Google Adwords’ Enhanced Campaigns, the latest formula that redefined the too many campaigns in a single enhanced campaign.

Google Adwords™ is the most successful and cheapest advertising tool for the small businesses available on the web. Search Engine Marketers are familiar to use this tool to boost the web traffic for one of their clients that is eager to pay to get on top of the search engine. Google recently updated all users’ already campaigns with a new column named “Enhanced” and under this, each campaign has named as “Legacy”. What did they done? Here’s the answer in this overview to Google Adwords Enhanced Campaigns.

We usually, as search marketer do a lot of work to get the traffic from different locations, devices and time zones that takes a while to get completed. For example, we have to target 50 different locations of United States that are in between 2 different time zones and people search on 2 different devices. It all means we will need to make 50*2*2=200 legacy campaigns to cover the whole traffic. Google just unveiled the tool which is allowing the search marketers to make only a single campaign instead of these 200. Yes, you can target 50 locations, 2 times and 2 different devices with only one campaign that will dynamically change when user will perform a search.

In detailed example, you’ve a chain of Burger Shops around United States and your customers usually search with two types of devices (mobile and desktop) sometimes for lunch but for dinner too. You may nicely make a campaign which will target the whole of your audience. You can now set different bids for different regions, increase or decrease the rate of bid by device and show different ads for times.

When a user search for a Burger Spot nearby Houston, TX from his Android enabled mobile phone just before 1 PM that means he will searching for the burger shop that offers services for lunch but with sitting facility. If a user searches for the burger with his desktop device or laptop within 7PM so he’ll like to see the ads of burger shops that are offering the free home delivery and the best prices,

You’ll enjoy this great Google Adwords tool, just try it for one of your client. It really cuts the budget and increases the quality score and conversions.

Alibaba Challenges Google China and Baidu

6:24 PM Alibaba challenges the search market by launching its very own search engine named Aliyun that will be for the visitors from China and for their local searches. China search market is already dominating in IT industry with Baidu, Qihoo and Sogou where Baidu has the 72% traffic of whole search but Google China has only 5%.

It will be quite competitive for Aliyun to remain in industry where already Google is struggling for the web traffic. Alibaba, the guru of B2B Marketplace aims to see the long-term benefits with its search engines.

Aliyun Search would not safe in China where Google already claimed the Acer not to develop or launch the Aliyun Mobile OS which is the forked version of Android and Acer has no rights to develop as the company is the member of Open Handset Alliance.

Remarketing Will Obviously Arrest Me Back Again

3:01 PM It would be great if you had all of your blog traffic back that clicked one of your ads but bounced off because your ad was not relevant to the content on your blog or you are not offering that product for they clicked.

Google Display Network by Adwords™ is obviously the great source to gain most of the relevant visitor for your blog or customer for your product but its redefined further with Google Remarketing tool that allows you to catch your visitor back when he found nothing what he desires. It’s like a wizard or best salesperson on web that maximizes the greed of customers that “sir, we are selling the better one”.

Google Remarketing is a simple and easy to use tool under Google Adwords™ in which you can create the relevant tags to your content & offers, list of users, different types of ads and targeted audiences. It works when a visitor just bounced to some other websites before checking out the cart or subscribing for the newsletter. Then all of your skills work together and visitor sees your ads on some other websites that are using the Google Adsense™ platform. It’s prettier than enough when a visitor becomes crazy to see your website everywhere, finally he place the order with you!

It’s Quite Interesting!

Google Panda #25 – How much SERPs Affected?

12:41 PM
Jolts and Jerks between SERPs are the common behaviors which define the search algorithms has redefined or refreshed badly but it’s even more painful when you see that your top order keywords are on floor.

From last two to three months we’re seeing that Google refreshes its Algorithms between second 10th of each month and later the company confirms that actually there was a Panda Update. The discussion has been started at this WebmasterWorld thread about this hot topic and that’s not enough. I also saw a major change for my some top order and “not in 1000” type keywords. These changes are somehow good for me but somewhere my keywords depressed me.

If, Google confirms that it was Google Panda #25 update, so what will be your response? For me, it will be just like a same as all days. Let’s hope for the best and wait for the media release for this update.

Uncle Google Would Be the Pizza Point

2:21 AM Sometimes, a failed idea takes you to the peaks as last year Sergey Brin, co-founder of Google Inc. cracked the story behind his successful search engine. Brin was at Google Ventures CEO Summit where he gave the point that the failing can be successful and beneficial.

He mentioned further that he and his friends, 20 years ago, building the web service that will allow hungry users to order pizza with their fax machines. Actually, the system was made to allow users to select various types of pizzas from various pizza spots nearby them. The system threw the fax to pizza shops where delivery man must be ready to fulfill the order.

That was gone quite interesting when Brin and his friends ordered a pizza through their machine and waited long for the delivery man. They got amazed when no delivery man came to their door and further it was realized on them that the most of the pizza spots around United States don’t check their fax machines on regular basis. The system was failed severely but gave idea to do something bigger than that.

How strange it would be!