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Alibaba Challenges Google China and Baidu

6:24 PM Alibaba challenges the search market by launching its very own search engine named Aliyun that will be for the visitors from China and for their local searches. China search market is already dominating in IT industry with Baidu, Qihoo and Sogou where Baidu has the 72% traffic of whole search but Google China has only 5%.

It will be quite competitive for Aliyun to remain in industry where already Google is struggling for the web traffic. Alibaba, the guru of B2B Marketplace aims to see the long-term benefits with its search engines.

Aliyun Search would not safe in China where Google already claimed the Acer not to develop or launch the Aliyun Mobile OS which is the forked version of Android and Acer has no rights to develop as the company is the member of Open Handset Alliance.

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