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Google BlogSpot Tracks Worthless URL Queries under Stats

1:50 AM
Today, I came up with a new and extreme problem with my BlogSpot hosted blog. I just made this blog a week ago and posted only a test post which is neither shared nor opened. Blog is all according to Google’s Basics for indexing so indexed well by the search engine. I opened my BlogSpot Dashboard today to see what’s happening now in Stats section and it stuck me all around when I saw the unusual traffic. Here, I snapshotted some of that annoying traffic stats so you can see what’s happening now really to BlogSpot.

My dashboard stats are showing queries that are not even irrelevant URL queries but annoying to see the whole. These queries are about twenty and all contain URLs whereas the first URL is showing up my very own blog but all other queries are redirecting through the “Removed” or “404” pages.  Here, I snapshotted some of these pages that you can see below.

As I maintained my blog on Blogger/BlogSpot so I picked a Dynamic Theme instead of the Simple one. In that Dynamic Theme, I furthermore selected the Magazine View that I never used before. It might be possible that the queries I am seeing would be a response of clicks that I made some hours ago. Blog has a responsive load theme so clicks are tracking as JavaScript URL queries. But at all, this issue should be resolved otherwise it can cause a great frustration to those who don’t know how to use Google Analytics and other tools like that.

Google Says Happy Birthday with Special Greeting Doodle

12:33 AM It’s something really special if someone wished you for your birthday and it’s even more unbelievable if you got that wishes from the one you love most. Google tests daily a dozens of special functions to increase the users’ experiences.

Google with its extreme new feature, a Birthday Wish Doodle is at very soon step in the search and technology market. Google this time is sharing its love through a set of beautiful Doodles that are showing birthday cakes, decorations and much more than that. Here's the sweet example of that page!

If you were at Gmail, Google+, Picasa, YouTube or at any other Google Products on your birthday so why not you Googled the Homepage? Yes, Google gets your birthdate from your Google Account, merges it with your Time Zone and decorate the search page with a beautiful Doodle that is also popping out a message for you saying “Happy Birthday ”. Isn’t that a pretty interesting thing? So the next time you shouldn’t miss your Birthday Greeting from Google.