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Social Media & SEO – Permanent Traffic Increment Source for Any Website

10:35 PM Before Google, there were no concepts for smart search engines that can act as human-beings for the sake of right answers that people asked. Google proves itself big-bash machines more smart through this machine “Social is Key!
Social Media SEO Traffic
Social Media + SEO = Traffic

“Target Humans not Search Engines”
Google purely ranks those SEOs that have key interactions with targeted people for their contents. It doesn’t matter you are newbie to Search Engine Optimization and would fail to target the real audience for your contents or drive the right traffic through your content. Google will help you best for that!

What is SEO?

2:55 AM SEO to me, a simple lesson based on five bullets.

1. Be Patient.
2. Be Learner.
3. Be Original.
4. Be Social.
5. Be Regular.
What is SEO?

And nothing more than that! You’ll become a great SEO to your content if you can follow only these five points. So, let’s read further How to be Good SEO with these five points.

1. SEO is patience friendly game like you just need to wait out to be work done in search engines. Sometimes a quite simple post spends a lot for a better ranking in search engine. So, don’t loose hope.

2. Learn from your own mistakes through others successes. If you are a good observer you’ll obviously do this part easily and it can only be possible through your good implementations on your content. So Go Google!

3. Don’t copy others’ material because it won’t wheel up your experiences as well as your website so generate your own one masterpiece. If it’s difficult so follow others and start from your own penny, not from others dollar.

Go Google

4:04 AM It’s may be fun out there to find new things on internet but it will be more interesting if you get enough up to your desires and that’s all brought to you by Google, really a human search engine. Google has enough potential to read human minds, go through their queries, produces results in the form of SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages) and compiles other information related to your information.