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Google Fiber – The Full Google Experience of 1GB/s Internet and HDTV for FREE

1:47 AM
Yes, only Google could! The all new Google Fiber is featuring out the ever full performance of the internet (1 Gigabit per Second) along with the enjoyment of High Definition TV with just a single connection. Product comes with Google Nexus 7 Tablet, Network, Storage & TV Box, Google Drive 1TB storage and HDTV output.

Google has just surprised its competitors as well as users through a wonderful Internet & HDTV service which is now officially named as “Google Fiber”. As service announced for limited cities of United States (Kansas City, MO), the company officially offered a website to purchase the bundles online and enjoy the limitless Internet & TV with single utility bill. Google Fiber offers many facilities to its customers along with single fiber optic connection.

What are Negative Keyword Match Types? Differences between Broad, Phrase and Exact

5:01 PM
It was a great fun to see the users’ impressions through my previous straightforward blog about Keyword Match Types. Today, I am here again with another straightforward review for wonderful piece of advertising, Negative Keyword Match Types.

What is Click Through Rate or CTR? Page Impressions & Clicks Redefined

5:02 PM
Internet is the only place where people are searching for the straightforward answers for the questions they asked. A soon beginner always searches for the basics of his field where he is enjoying beginner-ism. In internet marketing or PPC or SEM the quite common term the marketers mostly used is CTR. Basically, what is this CTR? I am now helping out in just detail with straightforwardness.

PPC: What are keyword Match Types for Google Adwords Campaigns?

5:10 PM
Hello, this is the first post in PPC section. In this first post, we are straight reviewing about the keyword match types for Google Adwords campaigns. We all know, it’s hard for new advertisers to have the right information about the Google Adwords campaigns for PPC campaigns so I personally researched on the exact information for keyword match types, their uses, pros & cons and something more intelligent.

Keyword match types are basically the game of intelligence where you calculate what exactly users are searching for along with get ridding of bad clicks through your campaigns that can cause some hectic issues to your revenue plans. There are basically three types of keyword matches which we target in our Adwords campaigns.

Google Is Blocked Throughout China on Friday & Saturday

3:22 AM Google officials from China released this news when they found there is no fault on their end, Google is blocked throughout china on Friday & Saturday. The Google traffic transparency report showed that the traffic gone down by this Friday and Saturday.

Google Offices in China
Google’s all services including search engine, Gmail, Picasa, YouTube, Maps and Plus went off the mirror in all China as 18th Communist Party Congress begins in Beijing, China. Google reported that in start they thought that there are some technical issues but after checking all the services they officially announced that China has blocked their all services throughout the country.

Google Background Image Option is Going Away by November 16, 2012

2:04 AM

Many are crying, manymore weeping and no one is happy now with Google’s latest decisions for different products of the company. Yeah, Google is taking down its many products that were really enjoyable and made the users happy when they search, research and try to fun of.

Official News Image Announced by Google on Homepage.
Google, the monstrous of internet search and research is taking down its most of the products that were useful and sometimes necessary for users. Like that, Google’s most interesting feature, the Google Background Images are going to shut by this 16th November, 2012.