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Google Panda #25 – How much SERPs Affected?

12:41 PM
Jolts and Jerks between SERPs are the common behaviors which define the search algorithms has redefined or refreshed badly but it’s even more painful when you see that your top order keywords are on floor.

From last two to three months we’re seeing that Google refreshes its Algorithms between second 10th of each month and later the company confirms that actually there was a Panda Update. The discussion has been started at this WebmasterWorld thread about this hot topic and that’s not enough. I also saw a major change for my some top order and “not in 1000” type keywords. These changes are somehow good for me but somewhere my keywords depressed me.

If, Google confirms that it was Google Panda #25 update, so what will be your response? For me, it will be just like a same as all days. Let’s hope for the best and wait for the media release for this update.

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