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Uncle Google Would Be the Pizza Point

2:21 AM Sometimes, a failed idea takes you to the peaks as last year Sergey Brin, co-founder of Google Inc. cracked the story behind his successful search engine. Brin was at Google Ventures CEO Summit where he gave the point that the failing can be successful and beneficial.

He mentioned further that he and his friends, 20 years ago, building the web service that will allow hungry users to order pizza with their fax machines. Actually, the system was made to allow users to select various types of pizzas from various pizza spots nearby them. The system threw the fax to pizza shops where delivery man must be ready to fulfill the order.

That was gone quite interesting when Brin and his friends ordered a pizza through their machine and waited long for the delivery man. They got amazed when no delivery man came to their door and further it was realized on them that the most of the pizza spots around United States don’t check their fax machines on regular basis. The system was failed severely but gave idea to do something bigger than that.

How strange it would be!

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