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Google Panda Refresh #25 – How much queries will effect?

7:16 PM
The headache of SEOs has begun again when Matt Cutts confirmed the Google Panda Refresh #25 earlier this week while speaking at SMX West Panel. We guys are working on “next generation of Penguin” and will update later this year, he added more.

For the inpatient readers, “Google will update its 25th Panda Refresh within Friday 15th to Monday 18th March”.

Last Panda Refresh happened about 8 weeks ago that refreshed about 1.2% queries at all. The 23rd Panda hit about 1.3% where Panda 22nd and previous had the same values so It can be assumed that this update may hit between 0.8 to 1.2% queries.

Moreover, the biggest news is that Google plans to penalize the whole sites for the cause of single “bad backlink” because of they allowed webmasters to remove unnecessary backlinks through a Google Webmasters Disavow Tool.

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Sandeep said...

I think google Showing his power.Google making SEO more difficult for us but matt cuttz is right is he going to decrease spaming all over internet....we have to just wait what is updtes alorithm